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Business Development Bio

I grew up in sweet-home Chicago.  In my mid-20’s, I was bored and burning out as a life insurance agent and retirement planner.


Although I was performing well, it wasn't fulfilling, and I didn't like being tied to an organization — forced to do things their way.  Having a boss over my head, who had a boss over their head, just didn't jive with me.  And, having to work 50+ hours/week to meet their goals made it even worse.

I was ready for a change and started looking for work that I could wake up excited to do every day.

One week later, I received a coaching session.  At the end of the session, I looked the coach in the eye and said, “What you just did with me, I’m going to do with others for the rest of my life.”

When the time was right, I went to coach training school and then started my coaching and consulting practice.  Four months later, I had 22 paying clients.  Every one of them was either someone I already knew (personally or professionally) or a referral from someone I already knew.


My coach at the time was a former president of the International Coach Federation.  He told me that only about 5% of coaches build their businesses that quickly.  I felt proud...and surprised.  I didn't understand why most coaches struggle to create a thriving business. 

When I reflected, it all made sense. Here's what contributed to me quickly creating a referral-based practice:

  1. I graduated college with a marketing and sales degree.

  2. For three years as a life insurance agent, I was trained and mentored in a strictly referral-based business model by a top company in the industry.

  3. I attended a world-renowned coach training school.

  4. I took time to clarify a business plan that was both an expression of my life purpose AND viable.

  5. I continuously studied relationship marketing, client enrollment and business development for service professionals.

  6. I voraciously studied personal transformation which helped me operate at peak performance and overcome my fears and self-sabotage patterns.


After getting overzealous early in my business and creating too many clients to allow work-life balance, I scaled back.  I shifted to having a practice with a handful of high-paying clients and enjoying a more free and fun lifestyle.  Ahhh....


Then, I started creating a Referral-Based Business System to help other coaches to clarify a passion-centered and viable business, effectively generate a reliable flow of referrals and enroll ideal clients.  It's designed to be an organic expression of giving and providing value.  My clients find this approach to feel natural, benevolent and enjoyable.

I feel honored to help coaches and consultants apply this system to grow their business...and also enjoy financial stability, work-life balance, and fulfillment in all areas of life.

On the personal side, I enjoy nature, music, dance, volleyball, chess, camping and travel.  I found the love of my life in 2014 on a dance floor in Boulder, CO, where we live.  We coach each other almost daily.  Our ability to grow and work through challenge is a thing of beauty.  So is she.

People say I’m straightforward, compassionate, adaptable and funny.  But my sweetheart says the funny part is questionable. 

Education & Credentials

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC)

Coaches Training Institute
CTI is a world-renowned leadership and coach training school.  Graduated Co-Active Professional Coach Training & Professional Coach Certification Program in 2006.  Completed
 5,400+ coaching hours.

Professional Certified Coach (PCC) (2008-2014)  [Credential expired, but meet qualifications to reapply]

International Coach Federation

Mastering Your Craft

Gremlin-Taming® Institute
Self-Mastery and Self-Sabotage Management training

Avatar® & Avatar® Masters Courses

Stars Edge, Inc.

Learning to overcome disempowering beliefs and operate from chosen beliefs and emotions

The Awakening Course
Oneness University

Interpersonal Skills & Counselor Salesperson Courses

Wilson Learning Corporation

Personal Development Study


Rigorous study and application of teachings in personal development, leadership, business, relationships, communication, practical spirituality, metaphysics, self-hypnosis, meditation, etc.

B.S. Marketing & Sales

Northern Illinois University

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