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The Big Shift Program

Fulfilling & Meaningful Career

Stop settling for Success that lacks Significance.
Unveil your Purpose. Unleash your Passion!

A Tailor-Made, One-on-One

Transformational Coaching Program 
designed to help Successful Individuals make a Big Shift in their Career/Business.

Is This You?

You're "Living the Dream"...

but work has become the black hole of your soul.

You want support creating

a more Fulfilling & Meaningful Career
faster and easier than you could on your own

You’re an Executive, Biz Owner or High Performer

with a track record for success.

You're Powerful, Passionate & Growth-Oriented.

You have a Bias for Action.

Are You Ready to Make The Shift?

Current Career Reality

Desired Career Reality

Success AND Significance.
Leaving a Legacy.

"Golden handcuffs"

Doing what you love for a living.

Lacking meaning and motivation.

Feeling bored, frustrated and unfulfilled.

Feeling inspired and on fire.

The Solution

A "Hell Yes!" career is not about the easy, safe road to retirement.

It requires courage, faith and action.

Transformation Components

À la Carte

Sessions take place over the phone.

Empowered Flow

Fulfilling Career System

  • Be held accountable

  • Clarify Your Purpose, Vision & Strategic Path

  • Shift Beliefs

  • Cultivate Success Habits & Skills

  • Execute Projects & Systems

  • Enhance Communication

  • Develop Your Intuition

  • Heal Old Wounds

  • Overcome Self-Sabotage & Achieve Self-Mastery

Why Work With Me?

  • This is what I was born to do.

  • I walk the talk.


  • I'm Straightforward, Loving, Positive & Practical.

  • I do whatever it takes.

  • I'm Hilarious.

Why Is This Program So Effective?

  • Tailored Support.  Premium Service.

  • I'll Lead You to Lead Yourself

  • Experiential & Holistic Approach
    Explore your mental, emotional, physical & energetic levels to unveil game-changing insights.

  • Moment-to-Moment Self-Mastery
    Upgrade your Personal Operating System.  Unplug from the Matrix.

  • Sustained Results

tony and kate feo with baby.jpg

The Results

"After five years as a software engineer for a highly reputable corporation, I became totally unmotivated and frustrated with the idea of working for someone else.  The pay and benefits were outstanding, but it burned inside to know I wasn’t following my true passion.  Within one month, Soléo’s question-based coaching process uncovered a business model that is specifically designed around who I am and how I’m fulfilled.

I now own and operate a physiological and human performance facility that helps athletes break down barriers and reach their goals.  I’m on fire every single day."

Tony Feo, Owner - Throw Again (Lake Barrington, IL)

It's time to shit...or get off the pot.

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