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Hi, I'm Soléo Michael, CPCC.

I work with executives, accomplished business owners & high performers who crave more fulfillment, ease & freedom.  My clients are "living the dream," but one area of their life isn't going so hot...

What Are You Wanting?



"When I met Soléo, I was working too much, feeling disconnected from my wife and lacking a sense of purpose.  I had been working hard and trying harder every day for 34 years, but success in business hadn't delivered me joy.

Fast-forward 1 year.  I know my life purpose, and I'm applying it in the workplace.  As a result, I'm feeling more engaged and energized at work.

On the personal side, I'm enjoying my amazing wife and family.  I'm laughing more often, and I feel more relaxed and at peace with myself.  Armed with the tools that Soléo has shared, I'm now living a journey of joy...and golfing better than ever!"

 Jim Baloun, Managing Director - Willis Towers Watson (Chicago, IL)

Are you ready to "break on through to the other side"?