Overcome Self-Sabotage

& Achieve Self-Mastery

A Tailor-Made, One-on-One

Transformational Coaching Program 
designed to help Successful Individuals

Overcome Self-Sabotage.

Release the Breaks. Fulfill Your Dreams!

Name Your Disempowering Pattern​s

  • Perfectionism

  • People-Pleasing, Suppressing & Getting Stepped On

  • Over-Achieving, Over-Creating

  • Over-Competitive, Comparing Yourself to Others

  • More-itis, Better-itis

  • Doing, Going, Doing, Going...

  • Over-Analyzing, Strategizing and Planning

  • Scattered Attention, Poor Focus

  • Self-Criticizing, Beating Yourself Up

  • “Should-ing" All Over Yourself

  • "I'm Not Enough," "I'm Not Worthy"

  • Doubting, Second-Guessing

  • Worrying

  • Shaming

  • Procrastinating, Avoiding

  • Isolating, Withdrawing, Disconnecting

  • Resisting Support

  • Being Self-Centered, Manipulating, Controlling

  • Obsessing about The Future or Past

  • Negativity, Pessimism

  • Depression, Anxiety

  • Addiction (Too much:  Work, Alcohol, Drug, Porn, Food, Play)

  • Other fear-based, destructive patterns


Which Empowering Behaviors Are You Wanting?

  • Clarity & Vision

  • Unshakeable Confidence & Certainty

  • Believing in Yourself 100%

  • Consistent Focus

  • Taking Aligned Action & Following Through

  • Personal Power & Manifesting

  • Efficiency & Effectiveness

  • Prioritizing, Organizing & Planning

  • Inner Guidance & Intuition

  • Desiring & Choice

  • ​Valuing Yourself & Including Yourself

  • Setting Boundaries

  • Being Assertive & Expressing Yourself

  • Integrity & Authenticity

  • Considering Others

  • Trusting & Surrendering

  • Positivity & Optimism

  • Relaxing & Enjoying

  • Other energizing behaviors


To Overcome Self-Sabotage and Achieve Self-Mastery and shift your secret suffering you must...

Master Your Inner Game

As you BECOME your Greater Self,
you will enter the land of pure power, ease and FREEDOM!


Transformation Components

  • Be Held Accountable

  • Shift Beliefs

  • Cultivate Success Habits & Skills

  • Transmute Self-Sabotage

  • Be Your Empowered Self Every Moment

Sessions take place over the phone.  You will:

Why Work With Me?

  • This is what I was born to do.

  • I walk the talk.


  • I'm Straightforward, Loving, Positive & Practical.

  • I do whatever it takes.

  • I'm Hilarious.

Why Is This Program So Effective?

  • Tailored Support.  Premium Service.

  • I'll Lead You to Lead Yourself

  • Experiential & Holistic Approach
    Explore your mental, emotional, physical & energetic levels to unveil game-changing insights.

  • Moment-to-Moment Self-Mastery
    Upgrade your Personal Operating System.  Unplug from the Matrix.

  • Sustained Results

"I had been spinning my wheels  around some existential and personal challenges.  


Soléo helped me find effective ways to overcome my circular and self-defeating thoughts, uncover barriers (often self-inflicted) and identify new perspectives and practices that support my healing and growth.

On the other side of the transformation, I feel stronger, calmer and more centered.  I am moving forward more powerfully into the next chapter of my life and career."

Judah Kurtz – Professional Coach & Management Consultant (Chicago, IL)

It's time to shit...or get off the pot.