The Big Shift Program

Fulfilling & Smooth Relationship

Create an Uplifting & Easy-Flowing

Relationship Reality

A Tailor-Made, One-on-One

Transformational Coaching Program 
designed to help Successful Individuals make a Big Shift in the realm of Relationship.

You're "Living the Dream"...

but your relationship reality is frumpy dumpy.

You're seeking support to create a fulfilling relationship 
faster and easier than you could on your own

(with a new or existing partner).

You’re an Executive, Business Owner or High Performer

with a track record for success.

You're Powerful, Passionate & Growth-Oriented.

You have a Bias for Action.

Current Relationship Reality

Desired Relationship Reality

Newly single, perpetually single or stuck in the catch-and-release game.

Enjoying a wildly-compatible companionship …that lasts!

Secretly suffering in a disconnected, strained or ambivalent relationship.

You have rekindled the fire in your current relationship...OR you have completed your relationship and stepped into a newly-aligned partnership.

Feeling drained, stressed and lonely in the realm of relationship.

Experiencing harmony, flow and FUN in relationship.

A "Hell Yes!" relationship is not the result of convenience, good luck or multiple orgasms.


Here's the bottom line...

To shift from your Current Relationship Reality to your Desired Relationship Reality, you must...

BECOME your Greater Self

As you transform, you will attract and/or enjoy a more fulfilling, easy and fun partnership.

Transformation Components

À la Carte

Sessions take place over the phone.  You will:

  • Be held accountable

  • Clarify Your Purpose, Vision & Strategic Path

  • Shift Beliefs

  • Cultivate Success Habits & Skills

  • Execute Projects & Systems

  • Enhance Communication

  • Develop Your Intuition

  • Heal Old Wounds

  • Overcome Self-Sabotage & Achieve Self-Mastery

Why Work With Me?

Why Is This Program So Effective?

  • This is what I was born to do.

  • I walk the talk.


  • I'm Straightforward, Loving, Positive & Practical.

  • I do whatever it takes.

  • I'm Hilarious.

  • Tailored Support.  Premium Service.

  • I'll Lead You to Lead Yourself

  • Experiential & Holistic Approach
    Explore your mental, emotional, physical & energetic levels to unveil game-changing insights.

  • Moment-to-Moment Self-Mastery
    Upgrade your Personal Operating System.  Unplug from the Matrix.

  • Sustained Results

“Getting personal coaching during a very difficult time was an excellent experience for me.  Being a physician, I always felt I wouldn’t need any coaching.  I’m glad I took my son’s advice and called Soléo. 

With his support, I have learned to deal very practically toward life and personal matters without being stressed and depressed.  As a result, my work and personal life feel full and balanced.  Best of all, I was able to reunite with my wife of 30 years, who I was separated from for 7 years.  We got remarried!”

Dr. Taj Rashid, MD (Dayton, OH)

Are you ready to

break on through to the other side?