About Me

I was a competitive athlete and the "class clown" as I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago.  When it came time for college, I didn't know what career I wanted to pursue.  Result...I explored three majors over eight years, built a pile of debt and still didn't know what career would fulfill me.


Three years later, I was bored and burning out as a life insurance agent.  I was performing well, but I wasn't happy, and I was working 50-hours a week.

At that point, I decided that somehow I would soon know the type of work I'd wake up excited to do every day. 


One week later, I received a coaching session.  At the end of the session, I looked the coach in the eye and said, “What you just did with me, I’m going to do with others for the rest of my life.”  I found my life purpose, started my coaching business and never looked back.

After discovering my passion to help people become more fulfilled and free, I became obsessed with personal, professional and business development.  And, I started to improve the areas of my life that I felt called to help others with.


  • I created a business doing what I love for a living.

  • I moved to Boulder, Colorado, which I dreamed about doing since I was young.  I immersed myself in relationships with inspiring, like-minded people and the magic of the Rocky Mountains.

  • I decided to attract my soul mate and BAM!...she showed up two weeks later.  My most rewarding manifestation yet!  Our ability to grow and work through challenges is a thing of beauty.  So is she.

  • I stopped working so damn much and created a flexible, fun and healthy lifestyle.  I spend plenty of time enjoying satisfying relationships, nature, music, dance and travel.

Since 2006, I've been helping people create a more passionate career/business, more fulfilling relationships and a more enjoyable life.  How might I help you?

Education & Credentials

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC)

Co-Active Training Institute (Formerly "Coaches Training Institute")
CTI is a world-renowned leadership and coach training school.  Graduated the Co-Active Coach Training program and Certified Professional Co-Active Coach program.  4,500+ coaching hours since 2006.

Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

International Coaching Federation

The ICF is the world’s largest organization of professionally trained coaches and the global leader coaching education, standards and credentialing.

Mastering Your Craft Course

Gremlin-Taming® Institute
Self-Mastery and Self-Sabotage Management training

Avatar® & Avatar® Masters Courses

Stars Edge, Inc.

Overcoming disempowering beliefs and operating from chosen beliefs and emotions

The Awakening Course
Oneness University

Spirituality & Mindfulness training

Interpersonal Skills Course

Wilson Learning Corporation

Authentic Relating & Communication Training

Authentic Relating Training, International

Human Relations Training Group ("T-Group") 

Personal, Professional & Business Development

Rigorous Self-Guided Study and Application since 2001

Personal transformation, business development, professional skills, leadership, relationships, communication, practical spirituality, metaphysics, self-hypnosis, meditation, etc.

Counselor Salesperson Course

Wilson Learning Corporation

B.S. Marketing & Sales

Northern Illinois University

Member of the International Coaching Federation

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