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Discover Your Life Purpose

In One Month

Welcome to a unique and powerful 1-1 self-mastery voyage 

that will amplify your impact, fulfillment & freedom.

Are you looking to reinvent your life or make one really big change?

This 1-year expedition is for highly-motivated individuals who want

ultra-customized treatment and results.

The investment ranges between $35k - $65k.

How It Works

We'll clarify your ultimate purpose, vision and strategic path.

I'll be your personal Yoda 

providing the necessary training, tools and accountability

to help you get your shi(f)t together. 

We'll be completely in each other's lives.

You will master your Self, conquer chronic self-sabotage  
and achieve the next level of your potential.

Your Ideal Support Structure

We'll craft every aspect of the journey to your preferences.  

What sounds most empowering and FUN?

  • How often do you want coaching?

  • Full Access to me between sessions?

  • Full-Day Intensives?

  • Private 7-Day Nature Retreat?

  • Sessions for your Spouse, Key Employees, Child?

  • On-Site Shadow Coaching?

  • What else?