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I had been working hard and trying harder every day for 34 years, but success in business hadn't delivered me joy.  Fast-forward 1 year.  I know my life purpose, and I'm feeling more engaged and energized at work. 


Personally, I'm enjoying my amazing wife and family, laughing more often and feeling more relaxed and at peace with myself.  Armed with the tools that Soléo has shared, I'm now living a journey of joy.

Jim Baloun, Managing Director - Willis Towers Watson


I enrolled in Soléo's coaching program to help me finally manifest fitting and fulfilling partners in the realms of business and love.  


I continued my new habits after the program ended, and a few weeks later, in the span of two hours, both partners emerged in a perfect way.  I am so grateful for what I am feeling and experiencing.

Carmen Brace, Founder - Aclara Research

Ryan Ramsey Headshot_edited.jpg

When I started working with Soléo I was at a pivotal time in my life. I had a "successful" career, but I was burnt out and missing out on things in life that were important to me. I knew I needed to make a change, but I was stuck and didn't know how or where to begin.

During the 4 months Soléo and I worked together, he helped me gain clarity around my purpose and values, unlock my potential and start to create my very best life.

I've since transitioned to a job that is more fulfilling, gives me better balance in life and still provides financial abundance. I continue to apply the tools that he taught me to create more moment to moment gratitude and enjoyment. This was an incredible investment in myself.

Ryan Ramsey, Vice President - Espresa

john joseph headshot.jpg

Before working with Soleo, I felt burned out and unhappy with my chosen profession.  I had been a successful remodeling contractor for 35 years, but had always sensed that I was not doing my life's true work.  I approached Soléo with skepticism about coaching. 


Three months after working with him, the direction of my life changed.  In his playful, highly attuned and loving way, he initiated a fire in my soul to do the work my heart is called to do.  I enrolled in a graduate program and I'm now entering the fulfilling career as a therapist that I was too fearful to do before our work together. 


In our last session, I was touched that rather than suggest I do more coaching with him, Soleo encouraged me to explore another form of work on myself. What a beautiful and attuned man!

John Joseph, Psychotherapist

Howald, Anna - headshot 2 of 2.jpeg

I was at a crossroads in my career.  I loved my sales job for many years, and I was earning a lot of money, but I felt stuck and unfulfilled. 

Soléo’s transformation process helped me find my purpose in life.  I’m thrilled to say that I’m now doing what I love for a living.  It’s like a huge weight has been lifted.  I feel excited and free!

Anna Hernandez, Manager of Sales Team - Comcast

Taj & Tasnim Rashid_edited.jpg

Getting personal coaching during a very difficult time was an excellent experience for me. Being a physician, I always felt I wouldn't need any coaching.  I'm glad I took my son's advice and called Soléo.

With his support, I have learned to deal very practically toward life and personal matters without being stressed and depressed.  As a result, my work and personal life feel full and balanced.  

Best of all, I was able to reunite with my wife of 30 years, who i was separated from for 7 years.  We got remarried!

Dr. Taj Rashid, MD

Taz Rasheed Headshot2.jpg

Soléo helped me make the daunting transition from Corporate America to self-employment doing what I LOVE for a living.  I overcame my fears about money and 'security' and took the necessary steps (internal and external) to make the shift.  


Now, I’m touring the globe as a thriving DJ and Workshop Leader who helps awaken humanity through music.  My vision is now my reality. 


Soléo is a premier coach who gets amazing results.  You won’t regret it!

Taz Rashid, DJ & Workshop Facilitator

Kurtz, Judah - headshot.jpg

I had been spinning my wheels around some existential and personal challenges.  I knew I wanted a coach who is honest, intuitive, experienced, detached from agenda and knows when to simply listen and when to bring tough love.


Soléo helped me find effective ways to overcome my circular and self-defeating thoughts, uncover barriers (often self-inflicted) and identify new perspectives and practices to support my healing and growth.


On the other side of the transformation journey, I'm moving forward more powerfully into the next chapter of my life and career. 


I recommend Soléo without reservation.

Judah Kurtz, Leadership & Learning Consultant

tony and kate feo with baby_edited.jpg

After five years as a software engineer for a highly reputable corporation, I became totally unmotivated and frustrated with the idea of working for someone else.  The pay and benefits were outstanding, but it burned inside to know I wasn’t following my true passion.  I felt trapped in my job, and my life lacked balance.  Soléo’s coaching process uncovered a business model that is specifically designed around who I am and how I’m fulfilled.


I now own and operate a physiological and human performance facility that helps athletes break down barriers and reach their goals.  I’m on fire every single day yet relaxed at the same time.  The feeling of motivation, passion and fulfillment I have daily is amazing.


Not only did I make a significant career change, Soléo also helped me get over the habit of attaching myself to relationships that were unsatisfying.  After transforming my old patterns, I allowed my soulmate into my life.  We’re now happily married.

Tony Feo, Business Owner

jim beverley headshot 2.jpg

Soléo's service improved my life to a place that is better than I considered possible before we met:  ​

  • Increased my happiness level from 7 to 10. 

  • Feeling more connected and peaceful with my wife and kids than ever before.

  • Made a peaceful transition to a new agency.

  • After 22 years in financial services, I increased my previous year's income by 150%.

  • Reclaimed a daily workout routine that had escaped my life decades ago.


Jim Beverley, CFP, Financial Advisor

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