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Successful individuals.  High achievers.

In addition, many of my clients engage my personal transformation coaching to make meaningful changes in other areas of their life (relationships, work-life balance, purpose, confidence, etc).

You might think of me as your personal Yoda providing the necessary training, tools and accountability to accomplish your goals.


Let's see if a tailored one-on-one transformation journey is the ticket to the changes you are wanting.

Who Is This For?

Business owners and executives with a track record for success.  You're powerful, you love to grow and you have a bias for action.  You're "living the dream"...except for that one area.  

You’re an Executive, Business Owner or High Performer

with a track record for success.

You're Powerful, Passionate & Growth-Oriented.

You have a Bias for Action.

You're "Living the Dream"...

but your work-life balance is a joke...and nobody's laughing.

You're seeking support to create a lifestyle you love
faster and easier than you could on your own.

You're a prisoner to your work.  Working long, hard hours.  "Not enough time"

Missing out on life, relationships...and rest.

Feeling overwhelmed, underwater and burning out.

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You Want

You got your LIFE back!You've added friends, health and fun to your list of achievements.

You're a recovered work-aholic

living your ideal lifestyle.

Experiencing more joy, relaxation, play and freedom.

A "Hell Yes!" lifestyle is not achieved by working harder so that "someday" you'll spend more time with

your family, your friends and your LEGOs.

Here's the bottom line...

Big Pic Soln/s - maybe

Key SUb-Solutions - maybe

See gdoc

  • Be held accountable

  • Overcome Self-Sabotage & Achieve Self-Mastery

  • Clarify Your Vision & Strategic Path
    Shift Beliefs

  • Cultivate Success Habits & Skills

  • Execute Projects & Systems

  • Enhance Communication

  • Develop Your Intuition

  • Heal Old Wounds

What's Next for You?

  • Up-Level your Performance & Impact

  • A more Meaningful & Passionate Career/Business

  • Work-Life Balance

  • More Effective & Fulfilling Relationships

  • Conquer Limiting Habits & Self-Sabotage

  • Discover your Life Purpose

Here's How It Works

​To take your work and life to the next level, you must take yourself to the next level.  I'll facilitate self-development coaching and leadership skills training.  You might think of me as your personal Yoda providing the tools and accountability to create sustainable change.


I'll lead you to lead yourself and coach you according to your life/spiritual perspectives.​ The support will be deep, experiential, simple and practical.

Program content and structure will be customized for your needs.

Your development can include:

  • Clarity (Life-Purpose, Vision, Values, Action Plan)

  • Focus & Follow Through

  • Executive Presence & Confidence

  • Skillful & Efficient Decision Making

  • Communication Skills ​

  • Empowering Perspectives

  • Self-Mastery Habits

  • More Empowerment & Flow through the day

  • Overcoming Blind Spots / Fears / Self-Sabotage

Support structure can include:

  • Customized Accountability

  • Phone / Video / In-Person Coaching

  • Half-day Intensives

  • Unlimited On-Demand access to me

  • A Nature Retreat

  • On-Site Shadow Coaching

  • Whatever else would make it amazing

The Investment

We will co-design your support structure and investment amount based on your needs & finances.

The Bottom Line

If we're both a clear "yes" to working together, and you follow through, I'll facilitate your greatest potential outcomes.  In the end, you'll feel more at peace, energized, fulfilled and free. 

If I might be the coach for you, let's talk.  If this is not for you, I wish you all the best.

jim beverly headshot.jpg


"Soléo's service improved my life to a place that is better than I considered possible before we met:  

  • Increased my happiness level from 7 to 10. 

  • After 22 years in financial services, I increased  my previous year's income by 150%.

  • Made a peaceful transition to a new agency.

  • Made a critical decision to remodel our home, instead of moving.

  • Identified and implemented an extremely creative home debt restructure.

  • Reclaimed a daily workout routine that had escaped my life decades ago.

  • Feeling more connected and peaceful with my wife and kids than ever before."

Jim Beverley, Financial Advisor - BlueLake Wealth Advisors (Burr Ridge, IL)

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