A Tailor-Made, One-on-One

Transformational Coaching Program 
designed to help Successful Individuals
discover their Life Purpose in one month.

Discover Your Life Purpose 

Find Your Meaning.  Unleash Your Passion!

​Sound Familiar?


  • You're lacking meaning and motivation.

  • Life feels a bit boring.

  • You're wondering, "Why am I here?" 

  • You don't want to die with your purpose still inside you.

Are You Ready To...


  • Add significance to your success?

  • Unveil your passion?

  • Come alive?

  • Leave a legacy?

The Bottom Line


When you align with your purpose, you can have the impact you REALLY want to have and feel fulfilled beyond belief.

Transformation Components

  • Be Held Accountable

  • Develop Your Intuition

  • Clarify Your Life Purpose Within one month, your unique, specific and compelling calling will be crystal clear.

Sessions will take place over the phone.

Why Work With Me?

  • This is what I was born to do.

  • I walk the talk.


  • I'm Straightforward, Loving, Positive & Practical.

  • I do whatever it takes.

  • I'm Hilarious.

Why is this Program So Effective?

  • Tailored Support.  Premium Service.

  • I'll Lead You to Lead Yourself

  • Experiential & Holistic Approach
    Explore your mental, emotional, physical & energetic levels to unveil game-changing insights.

  • Moment-to-Moment Self-Mastery
    Upgrade your Personal Operating System.  Unplug from the Matrix.

  • Sustained Results
    Since 2006 I've had a 100% success rate helping people discover their life purpose in one month.  

"After years of workshops and struggle to articulate the fundamental reason I’m here, Soléo helped me get a clearer view of my core inspiration for being alive.  I now know my life purpose and have motivation for my life’s work.”

Danya River - Trauma Specialist, Recording Artist (Boulder, CO)

Are you ready to

break on through to the other side?