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Get consistent referrals.

Have a steady income.

Enjoy your coffee.

Is this you?

You're good at what you do, and you've been at it for a while.  But recently, it has been challenging to gain clients consistently, so your income is up and down.  You feel financially vulnerable and a little desperate for new business. 


You're beginning to realize that you're not in control of your income, and the underlying stress is getting to you. 

Perhaps you have tried numerous marketing strategies to stabilize your business.  Have you tried to build an online following?  Are you creating free articles, videos or webinars?  How about email campaigns?  SEO?  Paid ads?  Networking?  Tweeting or posting on FB or LinkedIn?

Whatever you’re doing, it’s not quite cutting it.  It’s draining your energy, and you’re sick of trying to figure it out.

So now what?

Well, what if you could generate enough referrals to sustain your business?


Imagine this...

Your roster is consistently full with a small number of ideal, high-paying clients who were referred to you.  Your income is strong and steady.

On a regular basis, people who want the type of service you provide are being referred to you by contacts you have in common.  And of course, enrolling them is relatively easy, because they know and trust the person who made the introduction. 

Creating a completely referral-based practice was easier than you thought.  You feel delighted, secure and relaxed as you move forward in business.


Here’s the scoop. Referrals don’t need to be happenstance.

I’ve been running my referral-based coaching business for 15 years.  And, I can show you how to systematically generate a more reliable flow of referred ideal clients.  
Together, we’ll customize the step-by-step process for your business and your personality.  And, unlike most marketing strategies, it won’t feel salesy or pushy, because the approach is based on genuine connection and being of service.

I love helping passionate coaches and consultants create a thriving business and a fulfilling life, without working so damn much.

If this resonates for you,  fill out the form below, and let’s talk...

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