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Group Coaching

Make a Big Change & Free Yourself

This program is currently pending.  Click here to contact me and inquire.

Let's see if a group transformation journey is the right approach to help you get unstuck and break on through...

Who Is This For?

A small group of enjoyable, growth-oriented high achievers.

What Are You Wanting?

  • A more Meaningful & Passionate Career/Business

  • Work-Life Balance​ and Enjoyment

  • A Fulfilling & Smooth Relationship

  • More Money/Impact

  • Up-Level your Career/Business

More importantly, how do you want to FEEL more consistently?

Here's How We'll Do It

I'll provide the group transformation training, personalized coaching, tools and accountability to bring about your sustainable change.  You'll work from your spiritual/life perspectives, gain your truths and apply the tools in your way.  

You'll step further into Self-Mastery and upgrade your moment-to-moment Personal Operating System.  You'll become equipped to continue evolving and manifest future desired realities.  It will be deep, experiential, practical, interactive & FUN.


You will develop:

  • Vision & Strategic-Path Clarity

  • Focus & Follow Through

  • Power & Confidence

  • The ability to Make Fast & Accurate Intuitive Decisions

  • Empowering Perspectives & Self-Perceptions

  • Self-Development Habits

  • More consistent Presence, Power & Flow through the day

  • The ability to Conquer Blind Spots & Overcome Self-Sabotage

The Investment

This program is currently pending.  Click here to contact me and inquire.

Support Structure

  • 4-6 Highly-Committed Participants

  • 4-Month Journey

  • 4-Day Kickoff Retreat in the Rocky Mountains near Boulder, CO

  • 8 Group Phone Sessions

  • Coaching & Accountability Partner

  • FB Support Group

  • 1 One-on-One Phone Coaching Session with Soléo (Add-ons available) 

  • Access to Soléo via text and email

Participant Requirements

You must be 100% committed to taking responsibility for your life and outcomes.  You must be honest, open-minded and willing to be vulnerable.  The group requires follow through on action and habit commitments, even in the face of fear and discomfort.​​

To Apply

If this might be right for you, let's set up a Complimentary 2-hour Session so you can test the waters.

“I was at a crossroads in my career.  I loved my sales job for many years, and I was earning a lot of money, but I felt stuck and unfulfilled.  

I’m so grateful to have experienced Soléo’s transformation process.  I have found my purpose in life and I’m thrilled to say that for the past 11 months, I have been doing what I love for a living.  It’s like a huge weight has been lifted.  I feel excited and free!"

Anna Howald, Comcast (Chicago, IL)