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Start Your Coaching or Consulting Business

Does this ring a bell?

You've gone through training to be a coach or consultant.  You're excited to do work that feels meaningful and fulfilling.

Maybe you want to leave your job and live life on your own terms.  Or, you're out of work and you need to get your coaching / consulting business off the ground ASAP.

Either way, you don't have enough clients to support yourself financially.  Unfortunately, just being ambitious and good at what you do isn't enough to build a sustainable business.


So, now what?

Imagine this:

Your roster is full with a small number of ideal, high-paying clients.  Your income is strong and steady.

Your offering is in high demand and you have mastered the game of you don't need to deal with the drudgery of online marketing.  On a regular basis, people who want the type of service you provide are being introduced to you.  And, enrolling them is relatively easy, because they know and trust the person who made the introduction. 


You are your own boss and you're doing things your way.  Sometimes you can't believe people are paying you high-dollar to do what you love to do.  At the end of the work day, you feel fulfilled and energized. 

The cherry on top is the flexible and free lifestyle you've created.  Now that you have full control of your time, it's easy to take Fridays off and get away for a couple weeks on short notice.

Here's the good news:

All of that is possible and you might be able to manifest it on your own.  Of course, expert support would help you get there faster and with more certainty.


I started my coaching business 15 year ago, and within four months, I had 22 clients...all by way of referral.  It was overwhelming, so, I scaled back.  These days, I only work with a handful of clients and enjoy plenty of time with friends and family.

How to get there:

Over the years, I've refined a Referral-Based Business System that helps coaches and consultants build their ideal practice.

I can guide you through a step-by-step process to gain a clear direction for your business and then achieve your vision.  You will identify a niche that is personally fulfilling AND viable.  You'll clarify an offering that is congruent with your strengths AND in demand.  We can also determine the packaging and pricing for your services.  And if necessary, we'll make sure your website and LinkedIn profile speak effectively to your ideal clients. 

Everything will build up to you learning to systematically generate a reliable flow of referrals and enroll the types of clients you really want to work with.  And, when it comes to the "marketing activities," it won’t feel salesy or pushy, because the approach is based on genuine connection and being of service.

...customize everything for your business and your personality.  Along the way, you'll develop rock-solid confidence and conquer any fears and behaviors that might sabotage your success.

I love helping passionate coaches and consultants create a thriving business and a fulfilling life, without working so damn much. 

If this sounds good to you, fill out the form below and let's talk.

Together we will...


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