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Life Coaching Results

Results for Life Coaching Clients

jim beverley headshot 2.jpg

Soléo's service improved my life to a place that is better than I considered possible before we met:  ​

  • Increased my happiness level from 7 to 10. 

  • After 22 years in financial services, I increased my previous year's income by 150%.

  • Made a peaceful transition to a new agency.

  • Made a critical decision to remodel our home, instead of moving.

  • Reclaimed a daily workout routine that had escaped my life decades ago.

  • Feeling more connected and peaceful with my wife and kids than ever before.

Jim Beverley, CFP, Financial Advisor

Howald, Anna - headshot 2 of 2.jpeg

I was at a crossroads in my career.  I loved my sales job for many years, and I was earning a lot of money, but I felt stuck and unfulfilled. 

Soléo’s transformation process helped me find my purpose in life.  I’m thrilled to say that I’m now doing what I love for a living.  It’s like a huge weight has been lifted.  I feel excited and free!

Anna Howald, Manager of Sales Effectiveness Team - Comcast

Greg Busha headshot_edited.jpg

Although I was successful in most realms of life, I was working an average of 65 hours/wk, and I felt like life was passing me by.  I had little time for family and almost none for myself.  
I knew my health would take a significant hit if I kept going at that pace.  I was burning out and experiencing significant regret.  I wanted to shift from enjoying life at 60% to 100% while increasing my income.

Soléo's facilitation and teachings have taken me to the next level.  I now work 55 hours/wk (45 soon).  I'm enjoying life at about 90%, and I'm on my way to my financial goal!

Greg Busha, Realtor

Taj & Tasnim Rashid_edited.jpg

Getting personal coaching during a very difficult time was an excellent experience for me. Being a physician, I always felt I wouldn't need any coaching.  I'm glad I took my son's advice and called Soléo.

With his support, I have learned to deal very practically toward life and personal matters without being stressed and depressed.  As a result, my work and personal life feel full and balanced.  

Best of all, I was able to reunite with my wife of 30 years, who i was separated from for 7 years.  We got remarried!

Dr. Taj Rashid, MD


I enrolled in Soléo's coaching program to help me finally manifest fitting and fulfilling partners in the realms of business and love.  


I continued my new habits after the program ended, and a few weeks later, in the span of two hours, both partners emerged in a perfect way.  I am so grateful for what I am feeling and experiencing.

Carmen Brace, Founder - Aclara Research

Jim Baloun, headshot.jpg

I had been working hard and trying harder every day for 34 years, but success in business hadn't delivered me joy.  Fast-forward 1 year.  I know my life purpose, and I'm feeling more engaged and energized at work. 


Personally, I'm enjoying my amazing wife and family, laughing more often and feeling more relaxed and at peace with myself.  Armed with the tools that Soléo has shared, I'm now living a journey of joy.

Jim Baloun, Managing Director - Willis Towers Watson

New Coaches Results

Results for New Coaches & Consultants

David Todd.jpg

Soléo helped me develop a strategy to initiate my first set of client engagements.  That included discovering who I most wanted to work with, and what experiences I could facilitate for them.


Since I was a coach in transition, I appreciate how Soléo worked at two levels with me — he coached me, and he shared the "mechanics" of how he was working with me (mentor coach), so I could have the client experience and learn from his coaching stance in a deliberate and experiential way.  I aligned with Soléo, because I felt his reverence for leading from an attuned connection to me. 

David Todd, Self-Development Coach & Workshop Facilitator

Bob Finholm.jpeg

When I met Soléo, I wasn't happy in my career. He quickly reinvigorated my self-employed spirit and helped me start up my business doing what I'm passionate about. His expertise and guidance in the areas of marketing and new business implementation have helped make my pipe dream my reality. 

Bob Finholm, Multi-Media Expert

Tony feo headshot 2.jpg

After five years as a software engineer for a highly reputable corporation, I became totally unmotivated and frustrated with the idea of working for someone else.  The pay and benefits were outstanding, but it burned inside to know I wasn’t following my true passion.  I felt trapped in my job, and my life lacked balance.  

Within one month, Soléo’s question-based coaching process uncovered a business model that is specifically designed around who I am and how I’m fulfilled.

I have started my business and I’m on fire every single day. The feeling of motivation, passion and fulfillment I have daily is amazing

Tony Feo, Human Performance Trainer


Soléo helped me make the daunting transition from Corporate America to self-employment doing what I love for a living.  


I overcame my fears about money and 'security' and took the necessary steps (internal and external) to make the shift. My vision is now my reality. Soléo is a premier coach who gets amazing results.  You won’t regret it.

Taz Rashid, Workshop Facilitator & Entrepreneur


I initially didn’t comprehend the need for a business and personal empowerment coach.  But I needed a solution for success.  As a newly minted business owner (at 40 years old), I needed a massive shift in the way I approached business and executed daily life. I exemplified the adage, “You don’t know what you don’t know.”


During my time with Soléo, I was required to make difficult decisions.  He gave me a different point of view and helped me set the foundation to find what I truly want.  With his help, the transition from wayward searcher to an empowered practitioner of positive daily actions became a realization.

Jeff Molitor, Marketing & Promotions Consultant

Experienced coach results

Results for Experienced Coaches & Consultants

Preuss, Shawn - headshot.jpg

I continue to benefit from the support I received from Soléo.  I'm no longer marketing my business, but business continues to come in.  I still have clients showing up through referrals and people are signing up for my virtual academy.  I'm now doing the part of my coaching business that I enjoy.

Soléo also trained me in some powerful practices that have taken me to a new level of peace in my life.   I'm in a much happier, settled place.

Shawn Preuss, Master Certified Coach

Alok Trivedi headshot.jpeg

After working with many coaches over the years, I put Soléo's ability to hold me accountable at the top!  Also, his gift to cut through the crap is fantastic!  I truly enjoy how he digs out the core issues underneath the surface.  Thanks Soléo.

Dr. Alok Trivedi, Human Performance Expert

kendra seone 3.jpg

I worked with Soléo to go beyond my financial goals.  Within two days of speaking with him, I sold a high-end coaching package.  I whole-heartedly recommend getting Soléo on your side.

Kendra Seoane, Matchmaking Coach

Weselak, Tim - headshot.jpg

Our weekly strategic conversations and accountability have resulted in an increase from 200 to 300 patients weekly!  Aside from business, Soléo helped me literally create balance and greater joy in all areas of my life.

Dr. Timothy C. Weselak, D.C.

Business woman silhouettes_edited_edited

After 6 years of successful business, I found myself in transition.  Soléo’s sales and marketing expertise, along with his insightful questions, helped me quickly find a level of clarity and focus that I couldn’t attain on my own.


As a result, I have implemented strategic changes designed to drive my business forward.  Soléo delivers results in a way that is fun, meaningful, and practical.  He is a true joy to work with!

Julie Maloney, Executive Coach, Leadership Trainer & Author

Nate Guadagni 2.jpg

I signed up for business coaching with Soléo three months ago, and my business has transformed significantly as a result.


My first goal was to regain the investment that I made with him, which happened in the first month as I signed up a new client. He also provided some clarity and support that helped me navigate a major trajectory shift in my business, which turned out to be the best decision I made all year.


I have also transformed my personal routines which have resulted in significantly increasing my energy, productivity and clarity. Soléo is very gifted at what he does.

Nate Guadagni, Personal Development Trainer & Wellness Coach


Soléo is my life partner, so I regularly take advantage of his business expertise to develop my coaching practice. The first time he put on his consulting hat for me, I went from 3 coaching clients/week to 11+ clients/week in two months. Not bad.

We started by tweaking my offering to make it both meaningful for me and viable in the market. He guided me to create referral partnerships and leverage my existing relationships to connect with potential clients. I also learned to more effectively qualify and enroll prospects.

I recommend you either hire Soléo...or (like me) fall in love with someone you can take advantage of to further your business.

Danya River, Anxiety, Trauma & Life Fulfillment Coach

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